Electro-Voice EV F.01U.270.084 HF Driver Adapter 1,38"

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Adapter for DH2010A , DH3 , DH2305 , DH1202 , DH1201

Electro-Voice 70816. F.01U.270.084 HF Driver Adapter 1,38"

SPP front cover plastic black
SX80, SX100, SX100+, SXA100+, SX200, SXA250, SX300, SX500
Eliminator range: Eliminator, Eliminator Double. Eliminator Monitor, Eliminator i-E, Eliminator i-DE
"S" range: S-152
Force range: Force, Force E, Force I Compact, Force IE, Force I25
TourX range: TX1122, TX1152, TX1122FM, TX1152FM and ZX1- ZXA1, ZX4