Infinity Tweeter 9747010 repair kit

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Repairing your broken tweeter is very easy. You don't need any tools or special knowledge to do this. See the pictures and read the description:  

In the first picture you can see the defective tweeter on the left and the spare part offered on the right.  

In the second picture you can see the same from behind.  

In the third picture: turn the rectangular magnet of the defective tweeter clockwise and then lift it off the front panel.  

In the fourth picture you can see the defective tweeter separated from the original front panel.  

In the fifth picture: insert the new tweeter into the faceplate and rotate it counterclockwise.  

In the sixth picture you can see the fully repaired tweeter and the defective replacement part from behind.  

In the seventh picture you can see the finished repaired tweeter from the front.  

On the eighth picture you can see the spare part that is offered here. It is from the same manufacturer and is identical except for the color of the membrane and the terminal.  

When connecting the cable, note: the narrow connector goes to plus

Reference 11mk2
Reference 11i
Reference 2
Reference 31mk2
Reference 41i
Reference 41mk2
Reference 51mk2
Reference 61
Reference 61mk2
Reference 71
Reference 81mk2
Reference 100mk2

Also for Infinity 9742500 Tweeter

Also for Audax TW010I1